Steven Murray Hair Design Studio


Steven is AMAZING!!!!!!! He has done my hair for years and I WON’T go anywhere else to get the color done! I get tons of compliments and I wouldn’t trust anyone else (I learned this the hard way). Love him!—Susanna

I LOVE working with Steven!  I can easily style my hair at home – and the style looks great even when it’s growing out.Julie

 My hair was a MESS and a badly needed color correction. Steven took the time to do it right. Now my hair color is beautiful and it’s so healthy that nobody can believe the ‘before and after’ photos! Thank you, Steven! Katelyn
I have been a client/fan of Steven’s for 10 years+. He is not only my friend, he’s the reason women ask me all the time, “I love your hair…WHO does it? NCD
Steve has been doing my hair for several years. After my friend and stylist died, I colored my hair at home for a while. Then one day it turned purple, and I was in desperate need of help. Not only did Steve fix my color – he nailed it! He has it down to a science. Growing my hair out has been almost painless because of the way he cuts it each time (depending on the stage it is in). In a nutshell, the cuts are perfect and the color is always fantastic!  
Steven gives the best short hair cuts,and coloring your hair he is fabulous! Cannot beat his REDS!! Ruth Ann
Steven has been performing miracles with my hair for years. He covers the grey, makes it sleek and shiny, and cuts it to perfection every time I get that urge to try a new style. He’s also honest in giving me feedback and will gently guide me in a different direction if I’m asking for something that will end up as a hair-do train wreck. I wouldn’t trust my hair to anyone else.—Jo
I wanted a perm(body wave) and was recommended to Steven. I have had lots of perms but he gives the best. No damage to hair whatsoever. I would highly recommend Steven. Thanks! Johnnie
Steve has been cutting and highlighting my hair for over a decade. I can’t imagine trusting my hair to anyone else! —Ashley
I have been going to Steve Murray for about 20 yrs. I have followed him no matter where he goes. I have very curly hair and have always struggled to work with it.  He has been a blessing with cuts, color, and taming treatments. He is truly an artist! Lisa

A friend recommended Steve to me when I was looking for a new hairstyle.  That was 4 years ago, and he is still creating new & easy hairdos for me.  LOVE the compliments each new style brings to my ears! He has a real talent in working with my find, straight hair…Kay

Steven is wonderful! He knows color and how to cut my hair so it has a fresh look and is something I can do myself. He is up to date on current styles and uses nice products that are available for purchase. He has a great sense of humor, so he is fun.  I consider him a friend. Julia

Steve’s creativity with color is wonderful! My sister had kept him a secret from me for years. I told Steven what I was thinking and he magically did it!  Even when I changed my mind and went a different direction the second time!! He made my hair look marvelous!! I love you Steve! —Nickie

STEVE MURRAY IS AMAZING!!! He has always performed miracles with my hair. It has gone through various stages in my life, and as I’ve aged, Steve has always known how to help me take care of it. One year my hormones went nuts and after 40 years of straight hair, it started growing in CURLY!! I cried, but Steve didn’t. He cut it beautifully, styled it, colored it and counseled me on how to be a curly haired girl. Not only has helped me take care of my hair, but, he has always brought out the best qualities with style and color.

Steve has a gift for style. He’s very talented and knows exactly what he’s doing. I always tell people that he has 51% say in my hair and I only have 49%!! I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

He has also done major event styling for my daughters’ Sweet 16 party and her prom. Both times she was stunning. His special event styles are gorgeous!! —Theresa

Steve has been doing my hair for years.  He does a great job of coloring, cutting and blow drying.  I have found no one who can do it better.— Jane

I have been working with Steve for several years now and I always love what he does with my hair.  The shades and tones he suggests are complimentary to my skin tone.  I always have sensitivities to lotions and creams but none of the products he uses upset my skin.  The jovial conversations we have are just the extra benefit of working with him.  You will enjoy being with him.–Jane

Steven has been doing my hair every month since I moved here 12 years ago!  My hair is very hard to work with, but he always does a fantastic job. The highlights are exactly what I want, and his recommendations for my hair are always right for my lifestyle. One thing that sets him apart from other stylists is the fact that he listens to what you want done instead of deciding what you should want. I always enjoy my time in the chair because Steven is not only talented, he’s just fun.— Pat